Potential Banksy appears in Hyde Park

 11th January 2021

A mural suspected to be the work of anonymous artist Banksy has appeared on a corner in Hyde Park.

The artwork, which depicts Santa Claus selling copies of The Big Issue magazine, was found on the corner of Pearson Avenue and Brudenell Road.

University of Leeds student Charlie Simionescu-Marin believes it could be a Banksy as it matches his style of work.

“I assumed it was Banksy as the stylistic approach is similar,” he said. “Stencil clearly used, colours and shadows very detailed, makes a reference to societal issues.

"Poignantly the graffiti depicts Santa Claus as a Big Issue distributor; this is a job usually given to help homeless people get some form of wage and is quite striking in this respect.”

The Bristol graffiti artist is well known for putting up his artwork in cities all over the country.

In October last year an image of a girl using a bike wheel as a hula-hoop was found in a student area in Nottingham.

"My assumption that it was a Banksy is based off the fact that another one of his recent pieces was on the end of my friends’ road, Rothesay Avenue, in Nottingham’s student area,” Charlie added.

"Who knows, maybe he’s trying to highlight the plight of the North in what has been an abysmal year of coronavirus action by the UK government that has largely left the North unappreciated.”

Banksy usually confirms whether he has done a piece on his Instagram account however, and the Hyde Park stencil is yet to feature.

There is also an image which appears to be the artist’s ‘tag’ at the bottom of the work which is a feature not used by Banksy.

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