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Tenant FAQs

The contract you have signed is a joint tenancy, which means that you are all equally liable for the rent, gas, electric, water, and council tax payments. This is why it is very important that you make sure every tenant has a guarantor. If someone does not have a valid guarantor and fails to pay the rent, then their arrears will have to be paid by the rest of the tenants.

You are able to leave the contract as long as you find somebody to take your place on the contract. This is your responsibility. The replacement tenant must provide a satisfactory references, deposit and guarantor. The remaining tenants must also agree with the reassignment

Yes. You are responsible for paying the council tax, water, gas, and electricity bills.

You must notify all utility companies of the change of tenancy at the start of tenancy. Please note that you are responsible for all utilities for the entire contractual period of the tenancy, not just from the day you move in. Students can claim exemption from council tax by emailing, and explaining their situation. You must keep this council tax exemption form in order to claim your deposit back, along with proof of payment of final gas, water, electricity, and council tax (if you are not exempt).

You can contact Yorkshire Water on 0845 124 2424.

You can find out who supplies your gas by calling 0870 608 1524.

You can find out who supplies your electricity by calling 0845 330 0889.

The building and the landlord's contents are insured but your personal belongings are not. You can insure your personal belongings through Endsleigh. You can apply for this through Deu Estates for a preferential rate.

The best thing to do is to note down any damages you spot on the Return Form, which is enclosed in your tenancy pack. Return it to the office with the rest of the form filled in. This will then be kept in your file throughout your tenancy so you can not be blamed at the end.

Your deposits will be returned to you in the form of a cheque when you have provided us with proof that you have paid all the utility bills. This may take you a week or two after the tenancy has ended, as you will have to take meter reading on the day the tenancy ends, not when you move out, and provide them to the utility companies. You will also require the final water bill and council tax bill/ exemption certificate. You will also have to provide a stamped address envelope, or your cheque will be sent to the address which you gave on your deposit receipt by default, and you will be charged for postage.

You can ring us on 0113 275 10 10 or book a viewing online in the property details page.

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