Student Saving Tips | Become savvy with our Student Saving Tips

 28th November 2022

Student life is fun, exhausting, bewildering, hard work and expensive. Here are our top student saving tips to make life a bit easier:

Buy food in the evenings - from 6pm onwards, supermarkets will cut the prices on short life items like fresh fruit and veg, meat and fish. If you’re flexible on your meal planning, you can save a fortune by browsing the aisles in the evening. You can also download apps like Olio and Too Good To Go to get great food offers from high street chains, both food shops and restaurants, which can upgrade your diet for a bargain price.

Shop like a pro - first, consider Amazon Warehouse. This is an Amazon outlet that offers super cheap goods which other customers have opened and returned … but they’re still like new and you still have all the same consumer rights. Of course, there isn’t the astonishing range that Amazon offers but you can get some amazing deals on electronics, computers, and home items. Second, download Honey, a free app owned by PayPal, that gives you access to any discount vouchers out there, so you get the best price for whatever you’re browsing.

Just don’t spend - not don’t spend ever, that would be insane, but one day a week, or one month a year. Trying to not spend money one day a week can be so helpful in spotting your mindless spending, maybe buying a juice on your way to lectures or some snacks for the library when you could have brought stuff from home. A no spend month is a bit different; you just don’t buy anything except essentials: so food, toiletries and college supplies yes, booze, clothes and cinema trips no - just for that month. And if you can save the money you would have spent, so much the better … that’s a nest egg you’re building for something special.

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