Leeds University Eliminates Resit Fees: A Quick Guide for Students

 21st February 2024

Who Will Be Affected by the Change?

Well, if you were dreading that £2 per credit resit fee plus a £50 admin charge, breathe easy. From January 2024, anyone facing a resit won't see these fees anymore. And if you've already forked out cash for resits this academic year, expect to see that money back in your pocket – automatic refunds are on the way.

But there's a catch: Tuition fees are still on the bill for anyone needing to redo part or all of the year.

The Potential Impact on Leeds University Students

Financial concerns are a significant factor contributing to student stress and the consideration of dropping out. The removal of resit fees is expected to mitigate one of the leading causes of anxiety among students, enabling them to concentrate on their studies and achieve their academic goals without the looming worry of additional financial burdens.

What This Means For DEU Estates

This policy change may also influence us. The elimination of resit fees could lead to students having more budget flexibility, potentially affecting their housing choices and increasing demand for higher-quality accommodations closer to the university. Additionally, it may reduce instances of students being unable to afford their rent or choosing to leave their accommodation and the university due to failed assessments. This represents a positive development for us, and we encourage to support the policy change.

Supporting Our Student Tenants

As landlords, we understand that providing accommodation is not the only role we play in our tenants' lives. We strive to create a living environment that supports their overall well-being and academic success. We achieve this by fostering open communication, ensuring timely maintenance and repairs, and creating a safe and conducive space for study. We simplify the rental process and provide comprehensive management services to ensure our tenants have a hassle-free experience. Our aim is to exemplify this approach and provide more than just a place to live.


We’re glad to see that The University of Leeds is at the forefront of enhancing student support by deciding to scrap exam resit fees. This policy change is a testament to the university's commitment to student welfare and academic achievement. By removing financial barriers, The University of Leeds is set to foster a more inclusive and supportive academic environment.

I think we as well as other landlords have a unique opportunity to contribute to this supportive ecosystem by ensuring their properties offer a nurturing environment for students to excel academically. 

We encourage that students should consult the Resit FAQs on the University of Leeds student information portal for more comprehensive details on the resit fee policy changes.

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