Should I rent property direct from a landlord?

 16th January 2019

Students seeking accommodation have two basic choices, rent from a private landlord or use a letting agency. What are the advantages and disadvantages of opting for a private landlord?

What is a private landlord?

There are two different kinds of private landlord. Both rent out their property themselves, but the first kind are professional landlords - when you see 'house for rent direct from owner' or "house to rent direct from landlord", it can often mean that the owner is a full-time landlord with many properties. The other kind are landlords who've ended up with an empty property, perhaps through inheritance. Obviously they'll have very different approaches to renting out their properties and tend to have another full time job.

Pros of property to rent direct from landlord

  • Cheaper rents - obviously this is a big consideration. Because you don't have agency fees or admin charges it can be more cost effective to rent a house direct from the landlord
  • Single point of contact - usually you'll get to meet your landlord before you move in, and you'll have that sole point of contact of anything goes wrong or if you have questions
  • Flexible terms - when you opt for a house to rent direct from landlord, you may get some more wriggle room in relation to improvements or alterations, the length and nature of your rental agreement etc.

Cons of renting from a private landlord

  • Low regulation - this is a big consideration too. The rental agreements between private landlords and their tenants are largely unregulated. If you don't know housing law, an unscrupulous or just inexperienced landlord can tie you down to an unfavourable or unfair tenancy. An experienced landlord is definitely a better bet
  • Safety and legal requirements - private landlords are often unaware of their legal obligations which cover a range of issues including repairs and maintenance, fire and gas safety and many other forms of legal commitment.
  • Unavailability - while the idea of a house for rent direct from the landlord can seem like it would be more straightforward, many student tenants report that their landlords can be difficult to get hold of when things go wrong, unlike letting agencies who always have somebody on duty to help.

If you're ready to rent direct from a landlord, why not contact us to find out why we're all pros and no cons! We are both a large landlord and an agent. So, we have the experience and knowledge of the industry.

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