Have you got the right to rent?

 8th August 2016

New rules have been causing confusion all over the UK, so let us break it down for you...

The Government have finally expanded on the rules that have come into place for checks on foreign students starting education in the UK.

As of 1 February 2016 all landlords have a legal obligation to check whether immigration law allows you to live in their residential property.

A landlord or letting agent will usually ask for a copy of your passport or other official documents that prove your immigration status.

The real misunderstanding for landlords and letting agents has stemmed down to; 'how often do we have to do these checks?'

The government has given out information to inform us that the landlord will only need to make a follow-up check if your permission to stay in the UK is for a limited time. A follow-up check must then be required; prior to the date your permission to stay in the UK runs out and the date your passport (or other document showing your right to be in the UK) expires.

Landlords and agents may still arrange latter tenancies for these tenants with limited time in the UK; however, it is essential they carry out immigration checks within 28 days. Please also note that some foreign students may not have necessary documents to pass the ‘right to rent' checks until they have arrived in the UK.

It's an offence if the required right to rent checks aren't done by a landlord or letting agent. Landlords and letting agents can be fined up to £1,000 if the correct checks haven't been completed.

As daunting as it seems, there may be many changes surfacing since BREXIT for landlords and agents; be sure to keep up to date on changes!

Do you know if your tenant has the 'right to rent'? click on the link below for more information!


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