Exams Coming to Close - What to Do in Leeds this Summer

 8th June 2018

Exam season is coming to an end and the summer months are well and truly around the corner for students, but with all of the free time on your hands what exactly are you going to do? Fortunately for you, Leeds is a large city with plenty on offer by the way of summer activities, and DEU Estates have listed some of the most exciting events here so you don't need to look far and wide.

Eating Challenges:

Why not try your hand, or rather mouth, at an eating challenge this summer? Leeds has some of the most exciting eating challenges around and they won't set you back that much either - especially if you can conquer them.

Pancake Eating Challenge

Are you a lover of pancakes? Well, My House Diner is the place to go for a pancake based eating challenge. Costing only £7 if you don't manage to complete it, 20 pancakes smothered in ice cream and syrup are placed in front of you. Complete it and you get the meal for free and your name goes straight on the wall of fame. If you fancy giving this a try then head on down to My House Diner, 54 Belle Isle Road, Leeds.

Pizza Eating Challenge

If pizza is more your thing and lets face it, who doesn't like pizza? Then get yourself down to Tapped Leeds, 51 Boar Lane and take on the "furious disc of agony" (the name isn't off-putting at all, right?). The challenge is to eat the pizza, made up of nduja sausage, jalapeños, Scotch bonnets and Naga chillies which is topped off with a lethal sauce containing carefully selected drops of a secret ingredient. You aren't even allowed to touch let alone drink the glass of milk that is placed in front of you, cruel right? If you finish the whole thing in 30 minutes you get the meal for free, a t-shirt, a £25 gift voucher, a bottle of hot sauce and your name on the winners board.


Free Activities:

Roundhay Park

With over 700 acres of green space free to explore at Roundhay Park, finished off with two stunning lakes at the centre, you can't go far wrong with an outdoor adventure. You'll need to set aside plenty of time however, it's huge with plenty to see!



Geocaching may be something you've never heard of before, but it's a lot of fun. It's basically an orienteering treasure hunt, and best of all it's free (well, sort of). You find the co-ordinates on the website and scope out the container (geocache). You'll find an object inside and the name of the game is to leave it be, or take it with you but you must replace it with something of the same or greater value.

Bradford Industrial Museum

The museum is displaying never before seen images of faraway places, sent back to the UK from Bradford explorers. The exhibition 'A Yorkshireman's travels' explores the Victorian and Edwardian fascination with exploring and looks at Bradford's international role in the world. It's well worth a visit and runs until Sunday 4th November.

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