Horsforth - About the Location

Horsforth is a charming suburb located in Leeds' North West region, just five miles from the city centre. It boasts a fascinating mix of historical allure and contemporary amenities, making it one of the UK's most coveted residential areas. Horsforth is home to Leeds Trinity University, a significant academic institution in the region, which is set to expand with a brand new city campus to be launched in the academic year 2024/25. This expansion is expected to make Horsforth an even more sought-after destination for students.


Transport in Horsforth

Car - Traveling to Leeds city centre typically takes about 15 minutes. The suburb is well-connected with major road networks, offering easy access to surrounding areas.

Bus - Horsforth benefits from having a variety of reliable bus routes that provide convenient access to Leeds city centre, nearby towns, and local amenities. These bus services are essential for daily commuters, students, and visitors. Below are some of the key bus routes that serve Horsforth:

  • Route 50 is a daily bus service between Seacroft and Horsforth the Green, stopping at key locations such as Leeds City College, Rosebank School, Kirkstall Health Centre, and Horsforth Town Street. On weekdays, the first bus sets off at 05:41, with the last bus departing at 21:41. During weekdays, buses run frequently, with intervals ranging from 22 to 47 minutes. On weekends, the frequency varies, with buses arriving every 25 to 60 minutes.
  • Route 10, also known as the Ring Road Bus, is a convenient way to travel between Horsforth and several other nearby destinations. This route serves White Rose Centre, Rodley, Farsley, Pudsey, Farnley, and Wortley. On weekdays, the bus runs hourly, while on Saturdays, it operates less frequently. Notably, this service replaces the previous Route 9.

Train - Horsforth railway station is on the Harrogate line, and it takes just 15 minutes to get to Leeds city centre. There are also direct lines to both Harrogate and York. The nearby Kirkstall Forge station is on the Leeds to Bradford line, which also goes through Shipley.

Cycle - A viable option for reaching the city centre, taking about 30 minutes. You can get a free map of the best cycling routes from the Influencing Travel Behaviour Team.

For any updates in travel, be sure to check out The West Yorkshire Metro.

Map of Horsforth


Horsforth has everything one could ask for in a suburban location. The suburb caters to everyone's daily needs, from supermarkets, pharmacies, and banks to local post offices and libraries. But that's not all Horsforth also boasts a variety of charming cafes and hairdressers, making it an ideal location for socialising and relaxation.

If you're interested in the area's history, the Horsforth Village Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the suburb's rich culture. Alternatively, if you're looking for a spot to unwind and enjoy the outdoors, Horsforth Hall Park might be just what you need. The park provides beautiful leisurely walks, plenty of exercise opportunities, and even sunbathing spots. But that's not all the park also features unique attractions such as a Japanese garden, a cricket pitch, a skate park, and a Victorian bandstand that hosts open-air events.

For nature enthusiasts, Hunger Hill Woods is an excellent spot to explore, while history buffs can visit Kirkstall Abbey. And if you're into sports and exercise, Trinity Fitness at Leeds Trinity University offers top-notch facilities open to students and community members.

Overall, Horsforth provides a balanced lifestyle that combines the tranquillity of a historic village with the conveniences of modern suburban living. Be sure to check out The Leeds City Council website, which provides information on local amenities, events, and services in Horsforth.

Entertainment in Horsforth


Horsforth has something for everyone regarding entertainment, blending outdoor activities with cultural experiences to cater to various interests. If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you will find Horsforth a treasure trove, with its green spaces and proximity to the countryside. You can indulge in leisure activities and community events at Horsforth Hall Park. You can walk scenic trails, admire the Japanese garden, watch cricket, skate, or catch a concert at the Victorian bandstand. Hunger Hill Woods is an ideal spot for nature walks if you're looking for a touch of wilderness.

For history buffs, the nearby Kirkstall Abbey is an immersive experience of the local heritage. Sports and fitness enthusiasts will find everything they need at Trinity Fitness, a high-quality facility at Leeds Trinity University, with indoor and outdoor sports amenities open to students and the wider community. The local cultural scene is thriving, with Horsforth Village Museum showcasing the area's heritage and history. Firefly Pottery offers engaging workshops and courses if you're an arts and crafts enthusiast. The local entertainment scene also extends to live music evenings at venues such as The Old King's Arms and The Black Bull.

Horsforth's convenient location near Harrogate, York, and Leeds ensures easy access to a broader spectrum of cultural events and shopping experiences. The variety of entertainment options in Horsforth reflects the suburb's unique blend of outdoor charm, historical richness, and vibrant community life, making it an appealing destination for residents and visitors.

Nightlife in Horsforth
Entertainment in Horsforth
Nightlife in Horsforth


Horsforth is a bustling town with an exciting nightlife that caters to a wide range of preferences. You'll have plenty of options to choose from, ranging from the traditional to the modern. The Bavette, a French restaurant that will open in mid-February, plans to offer a seasonal menu and a selection of fine wines. However, Venue is the perfect spot if you're looking for a more casual night out. It has a lively atmosphere, serving craft beers, creative cocktails, and gourmet street food from Slap & Pickle – They also host live music, comedy, and bingo nights.

Horsforth is home to several unique pubs and bars, each with their charms. The Brownlee Arms is a great place to try traditional Yorkshire cuisine with a modern twist. The Black Bull is renowned for its live music nights and has operated since 1758. If you're looking for an in-house microbrewery experience, The Malt Brewhouse is the place to be. Lambert's Bar is the go-to spot for late-night dancing and cocktails.

You can also find a variety of cafes in Horsforth, including Truly Scrummy, The Greenhouse, and Pooky and Grumps Deli. These cafes offer hearty breakfasts and plant-based meals. If you love Italian cuisine, Trattoria il Forno also serves delicious authentic pizzas and ice cream. La Bistro Mediterranean Kitchen brings the flavours of Europe to Horsforth's dining scene.

Horsforth's nightlife perfectly blends historic charm and modern energy, ensuring an enjoyable evening out for everyone.


Horsforth is a sought-after locale ideal for families; hence, the homes available here cater more towards family living. That being said, there's still a variety of properties, ranging from cosy one-bedroom flats to grand-period homes. Because of its popularity, rents in Horsforth can be a tad higher than in other neighbourhoods in Leeds. If you're searching for more budget-friendly options, Cookridge and Ireland Wood are nearby areas worth exploring.

Horsforth FAQs

As mentioned in our transport section, Horsforth provides multiple transportation options, including buses (especially routes 50 and 10). This nearby train station connects to Leeds, Harrogate, and York, as well as cycling paths. Additionally, Leeds Bradford Airport is nearby, making it convenient for international students or anyone planning trips abroad.

Be sure to keep The West Yorkshire Metro bookmarked for updates in travel.

Housing in Horsforth ranges from one-bedroom apartments to larger family homes. While it is a sought-after area, and rents can be higher than some other suburbs, nearby areas like Cookridge and Ireland Wood offer more budget-friendly alternatives.

Trinity Fitness at Leeds Trinity University offers excellent sports and fitness facilities that are open to students and community members. Horsforth Hall Park also provides spaces for outdoor activities like jogging, cricket, and exercising.

Students can find part-time work in various sectors such as retail, hospitality, and tutoring, especially on the high street and within local businesses. Leeds city centre, easily accessible from Horsforth, offers many employment opportunities.

Websites like Indeed and Leeds University Union Joblink are useful for finding part-time job listings in Horsforth and surrounding areas.

There are many ways to get involved in Horsforth's community, including volunteering opportunities, local clubs and societies, and community events held in places like Horsforth Hall Park.

Horsforth is well-equipped with various healthcare services, including general practitioners, dental clinics (including an NHS dental clinic), and pharmacies. In case you need specialised medical attention, Leeds city centre is home to various hospitals and clinics that can cater to your needs.

Horsforth is generally considered a safe and friendly suburb. However, it's advisable to follow standard safety precautions, especially at night.

Properties To Let in Horsforth

Image of Horsforth House, Flat 8 DEU Logo

Flat 8, Leeds

£106 pppw

Image of 19-21 Station Road Flat 2 DEU Logo

Station Road Flat 2, Leeds

£167 pppw

Image of 4 Alleon Court DEU Logo

Alleon Court, Low Lane

£127 pppw

Image of 7 Troy Mills DEU Logo

Troy Road, Leeds

£192 pppw

Image of 2 Montagu Drive, Flat 9 DEU Logo

Montagu Drive, Leeds

£115 pppw

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