Roundhay - About the Location

Roundhay is at one o'clock in relation to the city centre, and just three miles out. A sought-after place to live, it grew around the Roundhay Park estate, which still makes up a significant proportion of the district as one of the largest city parks in Europe. Being on the east side of the city, the area is within easy reach of the A1(M) and just over half an hour away from York.


Transport in Roundhay

By Car - Roundhay is well-connected by road, making car travel convenient for reaching Leeds city centre and other destinations. Roundhay to Leeds City Centre typically takes about 5 minutes, depending on traffic. Taxi services such as Streamline-Telecabs, Central Cars, and Amber Cars are available for this route, with estimated fares ranging from £7 to £10​​.

By Bus - Roundhay enjoys robust bus services, linking it efficiently with Leeds city centre and nearby suburbs. Key bus routes include:

  • Routes 2, 3, 3A, 12, 13, and 13A connect various parts of the city with Roundhay, operating regularly throughout the day.
  • The X98 and X99 bus services will get you to the city in 20 minutes, running every half hour. Other services take a little longer but run more frequently.

By Train - While Roundhay does not have its train station, Leeds City's comprehensive rail network is accessible from nearby areas.

By Cycle - Cycling from Roundhay to Leeds city centre is a viable option, thanks to cyclist-friendly routes in the area.

Even though it takes a bit longer to get into the city compared to other locations, being towards the city's outer edges, it's much easier to get out into the surrounding countryside.

For the latest travel and transportation updates, travellers should consult the First Bus website or the West Yorkshire Metro for real-time information.

Map of Roundhay


Roundhay is a beautiful neighbourhood in Leeds, UK, famous for its sprawling Roundhay Park. It spans 700 acres of parkland, lakes, woodland, and gardens, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The neighbourhood boasts a vibrant array of amenities catering to the needs of its residents. Street Lane is one of the most popular zones in Roundhay, known for its independent shops, boutiques, charming cafes, and Co-op supermarkets. It is a bustling street with a lively atmosphere and many shops and restaurants. Roundhay Road leads into Oakwood and is home to larger retail stores like Tesco superstore, Adidas, Sports Direct, and recently renovated Home Bargains. This makes it a perfect location for shopping enthusiasts looking for independent and larger retail stores.

Apart from these amenities, the neighbourhood is also home to several leisure activities. Roundhay Park hosts several events throughout the year, including music festivals and outdoor theatre performances. It also has a golf course, tennis courts, and a skate park. The neighbourhood is near top Leeds attractions such as the Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds City Museum, and the Royal Armouries Museum, making it an ideal location for both residents and visitors.

Entertainment in Roundhay


Roundhay Park is a must-see attraction in the area, with its vast acres of stunning parkland and woodland ideal for walking, jogging, or simply relaxing and enjoying nature. Whether you're an athlete or just looking for a fun day out, the park has a lot to offer. Every Saturday, you can take part in a Park Run, a weekly 5km run open to all. For those who prefer more active pursuits, the park boasts tennis courts, a skateboard park, and a bowling green. The park also features two stunning lakes, one of which takes about 45 minutes to walk around. Additionally, there's a ravine, a folly castle, and a mansion to explore and admire. Tropical World is another highlight of the park, with glasshouses full of tropical plants, a butterfly house, and aquariums. Golfers can tee off at the park's golf club, and rowers can join the Leeds Rowing Club, whose boathouse is located here. If you're interested in art, Jackrabbits Pottery offers the chance to paint your own pottery. However, Roundhay doesn't offer many classes or workshops, and there's no theatre or cinema space – But don't worry, you're never too far away from cultural life, whether it's in nearby Chapel Allerton or further afield in Headingley or Leeds itself.

Nightlife in Roundhay
Entertainment in Roundhay
Nightlife in Roundhay


Roundhay is home to a range of restaurants, with most of them situated on either Street Lane or Roundhay Road. If you're looking to catch up with friends over some tapas and a glass of wine, La Petite is a great choice. Alternatively, The Olive Branch offers Turkish cuisine in a cosy setting. Street Lane is home to both Pizza Express and the San Carlo Flying Pizza, both of which offer delicious Italian dishes. For a special night out, the Deer Park is a perfect choice. If you're in the mood for steak and wine, head to Chophaus on Roundhay Road. You can also enjoy the taste of Greek sunshine at Mykonos, or brunch by day and burritos by night at Hessian Cocina & Cantina.

There are plenty of pubs to choose from, including the Roundhay Fox, a cosy and dog-friendly spot located in Roundhay Park, and The Roundhay, which features big TVs for watching sports and pool tables. If you're in the mood for traditional pub food, head to The Whitehouse. If you're looking for a café, try Haley & Clifford, which is a deli with a small but relaxed café area. Jamesons Tea Rooms serve delicious afternoon teas with vegan options, while Oscada is perfect for pastries, bagels, and toasted sandwiches. Lastly, if you're in the mood for artisanal fresh bread, pastries, and bagels, head to the Roundhay Bakehouse, which also happens to be Leeds' first kitchen-door micro-bakery that barters bread for local produce.


The area of Leeds is often considered an ideal place for families and young professionals. However, it may not offer as many options for student housing as other parts of the city. The housing in the area is a mix of Victorian-era terraces, Edwardian villas, and modern detached and semi-detached homes. You can find flats, especially around the park, with high-rise penthouses that provide a stunning view of the surroundings.

Roundhay FAQs

Roundhay has a diverse cultural atmosphere that revolves around Roundhay Park. It is one of Europe's largest city parks and hosts various festivals and events throughout the year. The park features attractions like the Monet Garden, Alhambra Garden, and Tropical World. The area also supports a vibrant arts scene, with venues like Art Roundhay Park showcasing regional artists. The venue offers a variety of art, prints, and gifts. Additionally, Leeds has a dynamic cultural landscape with art galleries, museums, historic houses, music, and theatre.

Leeds City Centre has many job opportunities for students, including part-time, casual, evening, and weekend jobs. Some of the most prominent job fields include logistics, sales, home care, online marketing, bar staff/waitressing, retail, and customer service. There are also work-from-home roles and internships available to cater to different skill sets and schedules. Additionally, there are many small restaurants where students can submit their CVs for work.

Oakwood Library offers a range of free services to help Roundhay students. These include free Wi-Fi, computers with internet access and MS Office, photocopying, scanning, and fax services. The library also has study areas available. In addition, the library hosts events that cater to family fun, learning, and cultural interests.

Suppose you fancy a bit of a journey – In that case, Leeds City Centre has many coworking spaces that offer amenities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, private workspaces, and flexible terms. These spaces are designed to cater to different user needs, whether you're seeking a distraction-free studio or a collaborative loft. Some of Leeds's most notable coworking spaces include Workspace Hub Northgate, Graft: Co-working, Park House by Spacemade, and Castleton Mill.

Living in Roundhay is a bit pricier than living in Leeds on average. Still, the cost depends on your lifestyle choices and the type of housing you prefer. The estimated annual cost of living in Leeds is around £12,684, but this can fluctuate depending on the amenities and housing options you choose.

Roundhay students in Leeds have access to a variety of educational resources such as museums, art galleries, historical houses, and libraries that cater to different fields of study.

There are many opportunities for students to participate in the Roundhay community. You can join events at Roundhay Park, explore art and cultural activities at nearby galleries and centers, and volunteer at local community events. Leeds also hosts various festivals and activities that welcome students to take part.

When you're in Roundhay, you're generally safer than in the city centre. However, it's still important to be aware of the safety measures that apply to any city. To stay safe, always watch your surroundings, especially when it's dark, keep your valuable belongings secure, and keep informed about local safety alerts. The Leeds community and local authorities provide resources and assistance to ensure public safety.

Properties To Let in Roundhay

Image of 27 Park Edge Close DEU Logo

Park Edge Close, Leeds

£100 pppw

Image of 12 Springwood Road Flat 2 DEU Logo

Springwood Road Flat 2, Leeds

£108 pppw

Image of 12 Springwood Road Flat 10 DEU Logo

Springwood Road Flat 10, Leeds

£97 pppw

Image of 15 Oakwood Avenue, SFF DEU Logo

Oakwood Avenue, Leeds

£155 pppw

Image of 14 Springwood Road, Flat 15 DEU Logo

Flat 15, Leeds

£85 pppw

Image of 14 Springwood Road, Flat 15 DEU Logo

Bed), Leeds

£127 pppw

Image of 27 Park Edge Close DEU Logo

Park Edge Close, Leeds

£150 pppw

Image of 2 Montagu Drive, Flat 3 DEU Logo

Flat 3, Leeds

£110 pppw

Image of 2 Montagu Drive - Flat 5 DEU Logo

Montagu Drive, Leeds

£114 pppw

Image of 12 Springwood Road, Flat 12 DEU Logo

Springwood Road Flat 12, Leeds

£157 pppw

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